Lately, I am feeling inspired... so I thought: why not go back to your old abandoned blog and start writing again? So I did, and then I thought: why don't a change its look? I guess I already passed the new parent phase and I am feeling more green now that I no longer have to change 10 diapers a day. So here it is: I am back, full of things to share, to say, to cry about, to get mad, to bs. Share your thoughts!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

What to do with Copenhagen?

Is all over the news: the climate change conference in Copenhagen, Denmark where "world leaders" ae meeting to discuss how to stop global warming and climate change. I am trying to stay optimistic- at least for the sake of my Oxfam friends who arenot sleeping much since sunday. I am truly hoping that developed nations will increase their commitment to reduce their carbondioxide emissions. France is offering 30%- wow! that's ambitious! while berlusconi is taking pictures as if he was the biggest celebrity (that's what I heard).

I must confess that I am not green. period. I do attempt to recycle as much as I can; save energy at home; close the water faucet (if I remember), washing my clothes with cold water and not drive as much. But I also feel I am making progress- just last month I began riding the trirail in South Florida, followed by the metro to work...uh! that was quite the accomplishment I must say since I always thought that in south florida, either you drove a car or you were stucked wherever you were. So I am proud to say that at least- my level of awareness is growing to save the planet! Now that my daughter is almost 3 I want her to see snow in the colombian nevados just like I said a copuple of days ago in facebook. I truly want her to see the colombian jungle with an actual forest; I want her to be green. period.

All I can say now is that I have jope- I truly hope that the Copenhagen conference is a success- that Obama will increase the U.S. commitment to reduce emissions over 20% (at least!); that Developed nations will support the proposal to pit money on a fund to assist developing nations to improve their infrastructure and become energy efficient. I am crossign my fingers....

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Semana 6 y 7!

Bueno... esta fue la semana de los super cambios de Valeria! Nos dio su primer sonrisa, nos convencio de que ya nos ve claramente, que ya reconoce la voz de los papas, nos mostro sus primeros intentos de gagear y finalmetne nos premio con la bella sorpresa que ya logra dormir toda la noche entera sin despertarnos ni una sola vez!!!! Nuestra Valeria nos tiene a todos hechos unas pelotas; todo el mundo tiene que ver con sus bellos ojos, sus hermosos gorditos y con sus piesitos bien carnuditos. Estamos enamorados... que lindo es tener a Valeria con nosotros!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Valeria finally arriving!

It has been a long time since I dont write on this blog... much has changed; Luis and I are finally together living in South Florida after an amazing 10 day trip cross-country: LA, Joshua tree park, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Albuquerque, White Sands, then drove across Texas where there isn't much to see except for the occasional migra that had us all paranoid, then New Orleans, Atlanta, and Finally arriving to Fort Lauderdale. That was back in July before my belly started to show; of course we didnt know; and then finally arriving home, getting ready to start law school, and VOILA! we are going to be parents. So I got into law school with the belly growing, eating like a pig, sleeping a lot, snoring a lot, gaining extreme weight and becoming the most unproductive person in the world since Luis got me on this habit of not doing anything, and now, we are two weeks away from the birith of our daughter Valeria, and I dont want to do anyhting because of course I have Luis and my mom who do everything for me :) I took a break out of law school this semester, hoping I will be back in May. Things are calm for now, but I am getting impatient... not bored, just impatient. I do nt have much energy, and cant do much with the belly. I am taking Yoga classes but I cant see my toes any longer so is getting harder and harder... and in all honesty, aside from the extra-weight, I still cant believe i am pregnant, and I am future mom. Dad and Juan are coming to visit on the 16th... we are all getting impatient. I am kind of freaking out.... more to tell in a couple of weeks.... but being pregnant has been awesome; and I cant deny i am loving all the attention and the love. This is just what I needed to finally be calm, and happy.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

check it out!

As I was doing some email-keeping, I ran into this awesome blog called good magazine. This is really worth reading! from environmental, to political, health, and other news this is what independent media offers to readers. I haven't enjoyed reading news in a long time and this is a great forum to reflect about the stauts of this infamous world. What better to save trees that reading a blog! Enjoy :)

Monday, June 05, 2006

Noticias para no escuchar

Aun estoy sin palabras sobre la victoria de Uribe. Realmente no me sorprendio, pues en el fondo sabia que el tipo ganaria aunque por razones muy equivocadas... esa es la parte que me pone triste. Aquellos que votaron por Uribe, votaron bajo una falsa promesa de paz- la llamada "seguridad" que la verdad me sabe mierda pues en Colombia lo que es inseguro es vivir en medio de tanta hipocresia. Me vale mierda ese pais; su gobierno, y todos los que votaron por Uribe; sobretodo aquellos que ni siquieran viven en Colombia y quieren meternos al Uribe por los ojos- ya solo les falta que nos metan a Bush tambien... Pero que estoy diciendo? Si Bush ya esta en Colombia :)

Me valen mierda todos aquellos que se olvidaron del verdadero problema en Colombia que es la maldita mafia de nuestro gobierno. Solo nos falta que nos metan un TLC como lo estan haciendo ya bajo la nocion que nos ayudara a erradicar la pobreza y nos dara platica. Ojala no nos olvidemos que todas esas policies yankees son las que tienen a Colombia como esta ahora- y si no me creen, les pido que me digan una cosa buena del plan Colombia.
Ya no quiero escuchar noticias... o por lo menos no por un tiempo. Me preparo a regresar a aquel infierno de miami, y a una casa llena de amog. Que ironia esta nocion de vivir. Pero estoy feliz.

Me vale mierda Uribe, pero a que no nos gana con el TLC. SImplemente, no me de noticias de Colombia, ni de Uribe, y mucho menos me diga que voto por el, por que la verdad es que me muero de asco... y de tristeza por su ignorancia. Eldia que en Colombia no haya desplazamiento, ni guerra, ni narcotrafico, ni hambre (que es realmente el problema mas grave que afronta nuestro pais), ese dia le hago venia y le prometo hacer campana de reeleccion por el que lo logro.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

dealing with it!

Yesterday I quit my job. Today I thought for hours about how tell so many friends that I was leaving... for better! So I made the decision to move back to S. Florida. As much as I say that I don't like Miami, I can't wait to be home with my hubby. These decisions are always tough and make us question so many things in our lives; our careers, our future become more incertain than ever but there is a level of peace that is acquired when you know you are not embarking on this trip alone... ever again. That brings me peace of mind to know he will be there. As hard as it may get, i know he will be there. I didn't make this decision for another person; I made it for me, for both of us. Being together is the one thing I have always strive for and this is my chance to recover of those years lost. Vicky (my boss) said to me yesterday: "when you make these kind of decisions, you have to stick to them and never double guess yourself; you are doing the one thing I dream of doing one day". Nevertheless, there's always shame on not keeping one's words. Who am I if I can't keep my commitments? but I made a more important commitment to the love of my life and I plan to keep it. that's my peace with destiny and with all these past years of madness and solitude. I will miss my job because my job keeps me alive; gives me satisfaction, and makes me a better person everyday. It is up to me now to find same energy at home; be a wonderful partner, lover, wife and hopefully one day a great mother. These upcoming months will also be tough months... i can only ask you to be patient with me please.